Terry Furry, "Vulnerable Gods"

October 3 - November 3

Opening Reception: October 3, 6-10 pm

This October, Oakland artist Terry Furry returns to Loakal for his second solo exhibition with the gallery, “Vulnerable Gods.” Fascinated by the nuances that lie between seemingly opposing concepts, Furry exposes the ways fragility and sensitivity can exist within moments of strength and perseverance. Each large-scale oil painting in the show is inspired by a different Greco-Roman mythological hero. An alternative to typical portrayals of manhood, Furry’s large-scale portraits present a complicated view of masculinity that greatly departs from the “boys don’t cry” ethos of our culture. His cast of heroes — Narcissus, Icarus, Orpheus and Adonis, to name a few — are depicted with a sensuality that allows viewers to connect with them on an emotional level. Keep reading...

For press inquiries please contact nastia@57-33.com.

Collectors, please contact loakal@57-33.com if you wish to see a preview of the work.